Kara Taylor

Kara Taylor


Marvelous Monkey Team
6th Grade Math and Science
828-327-6300 Ext 106
Room 106

My name is Kara Taylor and I am so excited to be teaching 6th grade Math and Science! This will be my first year teaching at Northview Middle School. I attended college at Liberty University in Virginia and I have previously taught 8th grade Math. I live in Conover with my husband and I have four sons ranging in age from 3 to 12 years old. I love spending time with my family, visiting the beach, and reading.


6th Grade Marvelous Monkey Daily Schedule

Locker Break
Homeroom 7:35- 7:42 
1st Period 7:45- 8:45
2nd Period 8:48- 9:48
Locker Break
3rd period 9:51- 10:51

4th Period 10:54- 11:54
Locker Break
Lunch 12:03- 12:28
5th Period 12:35- 1:25 (Elective)
6th Period 1:28- 2:20 (Elective)


Northview 6th Grade Grading Polices:

Grading Scale:

The 6th grade operates on a weighted grade scale. Students’ assignments fall into one of the following categories (Classwork, Homework, Quiz, or Test) and each category is a certain percent of a student’s grade. 

Classwork 20%

Homework 20%

Quiz 25%

Test 35%

Late Work: 

· Late work will be accepted for up to 5 days after an assignment is due. 

· Students will receive reduced credit for any assignment that is late. 

· If an assignment is more than five days late, no credit will be received for that assignment (a grade of zero will be entered into the grade book).


Missing Work (due to absence from school):

Students are allowed to make up all assignments that are missed when they are absent from school. Students must request missing work from each teacher the day they return to school. Students will have one day in addition to the number of days that they were absent in order to complete and turn in all missing work without penalty. (For example: If a student misses 1 day of school, they will have 2 days to complete and turn in and complete all make up work upon returning to school). 

Student Accounts

Username – last name, 1st two initials (some may be three initials) *entire last name no hyphens or spaces – all lowercase- (Those with multiple last names need to use their 1st last name in password.)

Password – last name and 6 digit birthdate


Powerschool/Rapid Identity Account

Username – Student ID #

Password - All passwords were reset to Hickory2017 – STUDENTS MUST CHANGE to Northview2017 the first time they login.

Northview Student Account Login 
(use if for some reason student has no access ie brand new student)

Username – nvwstudent

Password – 4DHawks

Marvelous Monkey Team Supply List

Turn into your 1st period Teacher:

  • Clorox  Cleanup Wipes
  • 3 Boxes of tissues
  • Roll of Paper Towels


  • 2 ½ inch 3 ring binder (This will be used for both math and science and it will go home every night) & 1 Spiral notebook for math notes
  • 2 ½ inch 3 ring binder (This will be used for both language arts and social studies and it will remain in the classroom)* Turn this into Mrs. Sigmon with your first and last name labeled on the outside of the binder!
  • Homework folder (1 ½ inch 3 ring folder with pockets, it will hold your agenda, homework, behavior card, and hall passes) *This will be carried to every period of the school day.*

General Supplies:

  • TI-30X IIS Calculator (Cost approximately $13)
  • Earbuds for online videos (dollar store has these for $1)  
  • Notebook Paper (4 packs to start the year)
  • Lots of Pencils
  • Handheld Pencil Sharpener
  • Box of Colored Pencils & Box of Crayons
  • Highlighters, Pens, & Erasers
  • Ruler
  • 2 packs of dividers to be used in your 3 ring binders