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I am Melessa Pearson.  I received my education from Appalachian State University.  I began teaching 6th Grade Language Arts in February of 2010.  I started teaching 6th grade Social Studies in August of 2012.  Before becoming a teacher, I worked as a Teacher Assistant for 11 years.  I've worked in Exceptional Children's classrooms and regular classrooms.  I absolutely love working with young people.

Northview 6th Grade Grading Polices:

Grading Scale:

The 6th grade operates on a weighted grade scale.  Students’ assignments fall into one of the following categories (Classwork, Homework, Quiz, or Test) and each category is a certain percent of a student’s grade. 

Classwork 20%

Homework 20%

Quiz 25%

Test 35%

Late Work: 

·         Late work will be accepted for up to 5 days after an assignment is due. 

·         Students will receive reduced credit for any assignment that is late. 

·         If an assignment is more than five days late, no credit will be received for that assignment. (A grade of zero will be entered into the grade book)


Missing Work (due to absence from school):


Students are allowed to make up all assignments that are missed when they are absent from school.  Students must request missing work from each teacher the day they return to school.  Students will have one day in addition to the number of days that they were absent in order to complete and turn in all missing work without penalty.  (For example:  If a student misses 1 day of school, they will have 2 days to complete and turn in and complete all make up work upon returning to school). 

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