2020-2021 School year begins on Monday, August 17th. Check back for more details and plans for reopening.

If you have not done so, please come by the school office, return all chromebooks, cords and cases, pick up your locker items and report card.

8th Grade Recognition
Northview Middle

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Spanish Remote Learning Parent and Student Survey

Encuesta para Padres/Estudiantes sobre la educacion en linea


Lots of emails and calls about students not being able to get on internet, websites, etc. Bringing the device to Mrs. Parsons isn’t always feasible in our current situation. Advice we are giving on the phone and in email looks like this:

1. Shut computers down.
2. Open lid. Let it come on.
* Look at the WiFi on the login screen and make sure it’s connected to your home network. If not, you will need to connect using your home’s WiFi password.
3. Login using your usual school login (like smithmi for Mike Smith) and your student ID for password.
4. Once logged in, student will have to do the same exact login on the HPS authentication page. That may be the roadblock. Enter the login info again the same way they did to get on the Chromebook. DO NOT USE HPS GUEST!!!
5. It should then take them to the HPS website. Open a new tab and see if you get google and all the other options you need.

Every student and parent we have walked this through has had success. If you are still having issues, please email Mrs. Parsons at parsonsli@hickoryschools.net.


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How Google Classroom is handling increased usage

Last updated: 3/20/2020

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, more schools around the world are turning to distance learning - and with that, we've seen a significant increase in Google Classroom usage. We are working around the clock to keep the services you rely on, like Classroom, up and running so you have the best possible experience.

If you experience any performance issues while using Classroom, you can try the following steps:

  • Only have Classroom open in one browser tab at a time.
  • Close any unnecessary windows or tabs.
  • Disconnect extra devices from your WiFi network.


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Coronavirus Update - Child Nutrition


For Leadership 2000, we are postponing the application deadline, and we will not be able to set a new one, until students return to school. At that time, we will revisit the situation to determine if we have time to follow through with the process, or if we will need to cancel the program for this school year.

Hopefully we will be back at school by the end of the month and can proceed accordingly.
Thank you,
Karen Boyles
CTE Coordinator
Hickory Public Schools 


Renee Bridges, our Advocates for Children in Education, School Social Worker III, for Catawba County Social Services has shared the document below. 

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Rent the Spirit Rock!
Contact the school office at 828-327-6300 for more information.
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