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I started teaching in 2018 after receiving my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Gardner-Webb University.  I'm from Bradenton, FL where I grew up wrestling and playing football.  My wife and I live here in Hickory with our dog Lily.

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Mr. Fulk - Room 238

Northview Middle School

7th Grade Science Syllabus


Overall, 7th grade science is a sort of “potpourri” of various subjects.  It includes everything from cellular structure and function, systems of the human body, heredity, forces and motion, simple machines, energy conservation and transfer, and atmospheric properties/weather. This year we will be doing our best to cover each of the topics in as much detail as possible with a focus on inquiry.

General Pacing guide:

1st 9wks: Scientific Processes, Atmospheric properties/Weather, Cellular structure and functions

2nd 9wks: Continue Cells –Single celled organisms, Heredity, Cellular reproduction

3rd 9wks: Human Body- Systems of  the Human Body, Forces & Motion

4th 9wks:  Finish Forces & Motion, Energy conservation/transfer and review for the NCFE

Materials students will need this year: (2) Composition Notebooks

Pens (blue or black ink) and/or pencils

Notebook paper (loose leaf)

(2) Pocket File Folders

Grading Policy: 90 – 100 =  A End of term scale for averaging grade:

80 –   89 = B 50% = Tests/Projects

70 -    79 = C 30% = Labs/Quizzes

60 -    69 = D 20% = Homework/Classwork

Below 59 =  F

*Grades in Canvas are cumulative and do not represent an accurate account of the student’s grade. Please use PowerSchool for viewing your grade throughout the academic year. 

Student Responsibility:  It is the responsibility of every student to actively participate in class and keep up with all assignments. The student’s notebook is their responsibility.  We will be using these almost everyday and they must have them with them. Should they lose or misplace their notebook, it will be up to them to replace it and get the missing information from one of their peers.  Notebook grades will be given, so if they do not have their notebook or if it is missing information their grade will be affected. All tests, quizzes and projects will be announced well in advance. Students should take these tasks very seriously and prepare for them to the best of their ability.  Homework may not be given every night, but when it is assigned it should be taken seriously because it is serving as review or “practice” of crucial material. *Assignments turned in late will be reduced by one letter grade per day late and graded from that point (weekends count). 

Make-Up Policy:  If a student is out with an excused absence they will have 2 days for everyday out to make up any missed assignments (including classwork, tests, quizzes, etc.).  If they should miss notes or an activity they should get their missing work from a reliable peer. Failure to complete make-up work will result in a reduction of the student’s grade.  It will be the students’ responsibility to find out what they missed. 

I am looking forward to a fantastic year!  I think that there are some very interesting topics to be covered this year and hopefully all of the students will enjoy their classroom experience.  Please feel free to contact me.