Career and Technical Education


Keyboarding & Basic Word Processing (BU10A)

Introduction to computers, Introduction to Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Classroom. Emphasis placed on Touch Typing and 
correct keyboarding technique, accuracy and speed. (Goal 35 words per minute) 

Introduction to Office Productivity (BU10B)
Prerequisite - Keyboarding & Basic Word Processing

Class will focus on advanced formatting of business documents in Microsoft Word.  Will learn basic spreadsheet formatting and use of formulas in Microsoft Excel.  Learn advanced formatting in presentation software - Microsoft PowerPoint and Prezi.  Will also use/review and improve touch typing technique, accuracy and speed. (Goal is 40 words a minute)

Office Productivity Applications (BU10C)
Prerequisite - Introduction to Office Productivity

Class will focus on advanced functions and charts in Microsoft Excel.  Will learn database basics in Microsoft Access.  Learn desktop publishing basics in Microsoft Publisher.

Exploring Business and Entrepreneurship (BU20A) 
Prerequisite - Keyboarding & Basic Word Processing

Class will teach students the principles of a business.  Explain and identify the types of businesses and their impact on supply and demand.  Class will also teach the concept of Entrepreneurship and the traits of Entrepreneurs.


Technology Design and Innovation
– 6th grade.  A course that exposes students to the design and innovation methodology of manufacturing.  Involves STEM concepts to assist the students with various projects.  A lead in to the 7th and 8th grade classes.

Synergistics 7th and 8th grade.  A STEM course that is module based and reinforces what was learned in the 6th grade TDI classes.  Students use a computer based program to learn and apply 21st century skills for the current and future workplace.

Career Explorations -  8th grade.  Designed to acquaint the students with what skills will be needed to secure a career after High School or College.  The students will study the 13 Career Clusters from the NC State Careers Guide and use to start planning for college and beyond.