Media Center Guidelines

Media Coordinator as a Resource

Invite Ms. Parsons to collaborate with you on a project or a lesson.  Great ideas often spring from multiple minds creating together.  This applies to both students AND teachers.  If you need help with a class assignment, finding information, discovering a new approach to a lesson, why not give your resident resource a try!  The media center is more than just a large, quiet space to work or the home of a lot of books… stop by and see what Ms. Parsons can do for your next assignment!


Teachers are encouraged to bring their classes to the media center for research, small group work or special projects.  To schedule a time for classes to come, check availability on the Google calendar located on the media center home page.  If the desired date is available, click on the Media Center Request Form link either at the left side of this page or the link below.  Ms. Parsons will review each request and take care of the scheduling on the Google calendar.  Teachers will receive a confirmation email when scheduling is complete.

Media Center Request Form

Class Checkout Teachers are welcome to send students to the media center to check out books. Some classes prefer to come at a scheduled time each week or every other week. Please send students in small groups no larger than 6 to check out books, especially if another class is scheduled on the calendar to use the space.  Please email ahead if you would like to bring your entire class at once to check out books.


Self-Guided Checkout

The Destiny library system is very easy to operate.  Directions for checking books in and out can be found at the circulation desk beside the book scanner.  Patrons may return books to the library, find new books, check books “in” and then check books “out.”  This self-service method allows freedom to access the library checkout services when the media coordinator is away from the desk.  Anyone having issues should seek help from Ms. Parsons or return at a later time if she is unavailable.  

Overdue Books

In the Destiny system, a book is technically overdue if it has been checked out from the media center for over two weeks.  There is a generous grace period for students who need extra time finishing a long novel.  No renewals are required for books kept past two weeks.  Please make every effort to return finished books to the media center.  

Books that have been checked out for past the ending of the school year are considered “lost.”  Patrons will be charged the cost of replacing the lost book.  This “fine” will remain on a patron’s account until it is paid or the book is returned in usable condition.  

Teachers are encouraged to check classroom shelves and cabinets regularly for books labeled with Northview Middle School Media Center barcodes.  Books designed for supplemental use in classrooms such as dictionaries, thesauruses, atlases, SRA kits, and other educational support material must be renewed each year in the teacher’s name.  Any books that need repair or replacement must be identified and reported in a timely manner.  Books found without obvious owner should be returned to the media center for check in.

Class Set Checkout

Northview Middle School has a fantastic collection of novel class sets.  Teachers who wish to use their grade level sets should arrange checkout with Ms. Parsons.  Students in the class should check out the book they will be using in their own name, NOT the teacher’s name.  If the teacher plans to use the novel set with multiple classes, then they are responsible for the sets and will check them out in their own name.  If a student in the class takes a book home for the night, it is the teacher’s responsibility to see that the student comes to the media center and transfers checkout rights from the teacher to the student.  It is requested that teachers only use the sets designated to their grade level.  If this is an issue, please see Ms. Parsons.


Teachers are welcome to bring items to be laminated to the media center.  As time allows, Ms. Parsons will be happy to take care of the laminating as a service to you!  If you choose to laminate your own items, please take note of the laminating directions posted beside the machine.  The laminator takes a minimum of one hour to warm up to ideal sealing temperature.  When you are finished with your lamination, please turn off and unplug the machine.

Fixed Assets

A fixed asset is any device that is assigned specifically to a location and not to a patron.  These devices must remain in the location to which they are assigned.  These items are inventoried yearly and must be accurately accounted for and in working order.  Do not transfer devices to a new location if you are assigned to a new classroom space.  Your computer files follow your login information and will transfer to any computer you are assigned.  If a device is not working properly, please report it to the Northview Middle School Tech Contact.  Teachers will be asked to assist with inventory once a year by filling out a Google form, listing their classroom device codes, make, model, and serial number.