8th Grade

Please reference the information below for details about the online learning assignments for the Northview 8th Grade Students. 

Please use the Quick Guide to Google Classroom for helpful tips!

Please use this helpful instructional video if you are using Edgenuity for the first time. 

Teacher Name


Online Platform for Lessons

Mrs. Fredericks


Canvas is where you can access all lessons, notes and assignments.  

Mr. Grove

Social Studies/Science

All lessons will be posted on Google Classroom with links to online activities. All students are already on Google Classroom. Mr. Grove will update Google Classroom with links to other resources. 

Mrs. Lail

Language Arts/ Science 

  1. All lessons, notes, and assignments will be posted daily on Canvas.  

  2. I hope to use Google Hangout and recorded lessons and instructions posted on Canvas for all classes.  

  3. Online assignments will consist of Edgenuity, Newsela, I Ready, and other resources.  In addition, students will need vocabulary workbooks and literature textbooks.  

  4. Packets will be available each week for students who do not have Internet access.

  5. I will frequently check my email for questions from students.

Mrs. Kauffman

Math/Math 1

All lessons/notes and assignments will be on Canvas in the Homework HUB.

3rd period Remind Code: @3kauff2019

4th period Remind Code: @4kauff2019

5th period Remind Code: @5kauff2019

6th period Remind Code: @6lirpa2019

Ms. Guernsey


All information will be posted on Canvas. If we have assignments that require the use of outside websites, the links will be posted. We may also have an occasional article and assignment through NewsELA (class code is KGBEW7).

Mr. Marley

Social Studies

Remind Code:


All assignments (and links) will be accessed through Google Classroom.  I will use my Remind to let students know what the upcoming assignments will be for the next day (instead of giving that night’s homework) and let them know when “office hours” will be, so that they can talk with me about the assignment via Google Hangouts.

Mr. Cassidy

Language Arts

I-Ready--Continue working on passing at least 1 lesson each week--1 point extra credit given for each additional lesson passed

Edgenuity-We will be continuing our study of “Diary of Anne Frank”--further instructions will be posted on Canvas

CommonLit-We will use CommonLit as a review for some of the concepts we’ve already learned as well as to supplement our Anne Frank study (further instructions will be posted on Canvas)

NewsELA-We will continue to use NewsELA for our warm-ups 

Communication--Please communicate with me through your HPS email or Remind (@cassidys8)--I will use those and Canvas to communicate with you

Mrs. Hitchcock


All assignments on Google Classroom 

(Class code is tw64lff)

Mr. Mackie 


All assignments on Google Classroom 

(Class code p3mkyts)

Mr. Parsons


Go to Mr. Parsons’ classroom page on the Northview website.  Projects will be listed there for all grade levels.

Mr. Wortman


Assignments will be posted in Google Classroom. 

Code is szf73ly.

Remind notifications will also be used.  

Text @e92h6d to 81010 of you aren’t signed up.

Mrs. Ross


All assignments and announcements will be posted on Google Classroom.  I will also use Remind to let you know of any upcoming events/changes. I realize some of you may have trouble tuning. As you know, I can tell if a string is out of tune-just do the best you can.  When the building is open for retrieval of belongings please pick up your instrument. 

2nd Period Class Code: nr22ak6

Ist Period Class Code: o35w7d7

Mr. Stephens

Chorus/General Music

All assignments and announcements for my classes are on Google Classroom- GM- class code- tw4nl17c

Chorus- class code- zm2yc52.

Mrs. Yang


All assignments will be in Canvas- look under the “To do” for dates and deadlines.

Mr. Tate


IEP progress monitoring is being collected via iReady on-line data. Inclusion needs will be addressed via email with co-teachers to assure students are maintaining classroom expectations for on-line assignment completion.Further state EC compliance will be determined after meeting with Tammy Beach EC director. 

Mr. Winkler


All assignments will be in Canvas- look under the “To do” for dates and deadlines. Students will use Google docs & slides for submitting work.

Mrs. Shears


Most assignments will be in Canvas-look under the “To do” for dates and deadlines. Students will  use Google docs,slides, spreadsheets and other advanced technologies that have been demonstrated in class for submitting work.  Exploring Entrepreneurship and Marketing  will use Google Classroom/Canvas. The students will be directed on which LMS to use through Google Classroom.  Also, the students will use Google-look under “Up Coming for due dates”- docs and slides for submitting work.

Mrs. Harvey


All assignments will be in Canvas- look under the “To do” for dates and deadlines. Students will use Google docs & slides for submitting work.

Team Hero:

Mrs.April Kauffman
Mr. Bryan Marley
Ms. Samantha Guernsey
Mr. Charles Cassidy

Team Legend:
Mrs. Cathy Lail
Mr. Tyler Grove
Mrs. Jamie Fredericks